Sirens & Sailors

  • Record Label: Artery Recordings
  • Hometown: Rochester, NY

Modern Metalcore music is known for it’s fast paced, aggressive, and dynamic sound. Hard work, blood, sweat and tears is something that a lot of underground musicians face fighting through the pit of fire to “make it” in the music industry.
Rochester’s very own, SIRENS & SAILORS is a perfect example of a band that is forging their own path to success. Following years of relentless DIY touring and two well-received releases “Still Breathing” & “Wasteland.” This explosive metalcore act has been throwing elbows and dropkicks across the United States touring in almost every state, cultivating fans with a destructively heavy sound that influence from a wide range of metal and punk music from many different eras of time. The band has an artful take on the genre that gives subtle tips of the hat to bands such as SLIPKNOT, AS I LAY DYING and PARKWAY DRIVE.

Gaining the recognition of today’s finest musicians such as Travis Barker (of BLINK 182) and the hottest press in the states, Alternative Press, SIRENS & SAILORS has taken a step toward industrial success.

Lyrically and musically, SIRENS & SAILORS sets them apart from the rest of the pack. Discussing political, religious, and personal vendettas that are relatable and controversial. The band is very dynamic and creative with the mixture of grooving breakdowns, sporadic shred, and chest punching drums that will throw you to the opposite side of the pit.

“Touring non-stop is something to expect in the near future,” continues Bihrle. You can expect them to be in your face from all angles as they tour with such a diverse group of bands ranging from THE AIR I BREATHE to AFFIANCE and all the way to KNIGHTS OF THE ABYSS. Expect to see the ever so popular ANCHORSAND symbol on tour flyers posted on your local telephone posts, in your Facebook newsfeed, and in Hot Topic stores because these beasts from the northeast, SIRENS & SAILORS are taking over.